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Founded in 2002, MainTrend is a company that unites high-level information technology and organization architecture professionals. MainTrend is a software and solution provider, focused on integrative decisions for its customers.

Our professionals work in government structures, banks, private corporations and software development organizations; we know the needs of these types of organizations and are able to both supply integrative solutions and assist in their decision making processes.

We provide the following services for our customers:

  • building enterprise and solution architecture
  • development of the new solutions (full software lifecycle)
  • maintenance of the existing applications
  • migrating of the legacy applications into modern environments
  • database architecture
  • data migration and transformation
  • record linkage
  • business process analysis and BPM solutions
  • business intelligence solutions
  • methodological consulting

Our professionals have extensive expertise in system architecture design, databases, application programming and decision making systems.

Our technical experience includes (and is not limited to):

  • .NET environment (from 1.0 to the latest) with all the modern frameworks
  • Java Standard and Enterprise Editions with all the modern frameworks
  • All the major databases (Oracle, MS Sql Server, Sybase, Rdb, DB2 etc.)
  • PowerBuilder
  • BizTalk, Windows Workflow Foundations
  • Web development – .NET, JEE and open source solutions (PHP etc.)
  • Legacy environments, such as Oracle Rally on Open VMS
  • C, C++ and other 3rd generation languages

We have our own frameworks and tools, such as:

  • JDataPanel framework (complete back- and front-end J2EE framework)
  • Rally to Java (J2EE) conversion tool
  • PowerBuilder to Java (J2EE) conversion tool
  • PowerBuilder to .NET conversion tool
  • Delphi to Java (J2EE) conversion tool
  • PL/SQL to Java conversion tool
  • PowerBuilder foundation class library

MainTrend is a leading company to secure success for its customers!